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Health Assessment

Initial Consultation & Review Appointment 

(2 months of support)

Who is it for?

This package is ideal for those who find themselves struggling with unhealthy habits and want to take control of their health. If you're looking for guidance and direction to start a weight loss journey or make improvements to your health or performance you’re in the right place.

What is included?

Before the session you will be invited to complete a questionnaire and food diary. During your initial consultation we will explore your relationship with food, what aspects you enjoy and where you find you may struggle. During this time you will also have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like. We will then identify your values and develop a clear plan for setting goals that align with these. After the session I will provide a written summary of my advice and links to helpful resources. You will also receive a detailed dietary analysis using professional software based on your food diary. This will highlight any nutritional deficiencies or excesses in your diet. I will include advice on how to correct these, using information collected from your assessment so all changes are inline with your food preferences.  Finally, if needed, I will write to your GP on your behalf, recommending further treatment or referrals.

Following your initial consultation you will have the opportunity to email any questions you may have. I will provide one detailed response each week during your support period. You will also be able to book a follow-up 45-minute appointment up to 1 month after your initial consultation where we can address any difficulties you have had or explore further areas for change.

What are the benefits?

You will be given the clarity and confidence to make healthy and effective changes to promote long-term sustainable weight loss. My input will help save you time by focusing on effective changes first time. Clients who follow my guidance can expect to lose 2lbs or 0.5kg per week. This could result in increased confidence, better mental and physical performance, and improved health and wellbeing. This investment allows time to implement changes and reflect on your progress. I will develop solutions for any difficulties you have had to keep you moving forward. Clients who engage the support of a dietitian have been shown to have a better chance of reaching their weight loss goal.

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