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Health Coaching

Ongoing Monthly Support

Who is it for?

This package is designed for anyone who has completed my ‘Weight Loss Support’ package and would like ongoing monthly support to help with their health or weight loss goals.

What is included?

Each month we will schedule a 45 minute telephone or video appointment. During this appointment we will review your progress, set new goals and identify what support you need. During the rest of the month I will be available via email to help guide you though life’s unforeseen challenges. Each week I will provide a detailed response to your queries or check in to see how you are getting on and keep you accountable to your goals. 

What are the benefits?


As a health professional my skill is in solving problems for people. I often find people are looking for a manager or teacher, someone to tell them what to do. However, the benefits of this approach are short lived. Instead, I position myself as a coach, working with you to help build skills you can use for the rest of your life. 

A coach allows you to offload some of the decision making and self-discipline effort that many aspects of our lives require. This will give you more freedom and energy to focus on the things you love. Finding the right coach can significantly enhance your chances of reaching your goals. Even a short period of coaching has been shown to help people build long-term habits. 

During our time together I’ll help you identify and set clear process goals. These are the types of goals you have control over. This means you'll be far more likely to achieve them. If you are feeling uncertain about change my approach can help you find clarity on the benefits of change and link these to reasons that matter to you. 

My true value is in the structure of my coaching. Having helped hundreds of people improve their health I understand the common pitfalls and difficulties people face. I will help you identify barriers to change and develop solutions, enabling you to make continued progress and build on your success. We will work together to find the small actions you can take on a day-to-day basis to increase your motivation, minimising the risk of relapse. This step-by-step approach will make reaching your health goals easier and more enjoyable. 

Creating healthy habits that fit in with your busy lifestyle will improve your health; increasing your productivity, happiness and general wellbeing. We often put the onus for change on our future selves. Don’t put off making that change until tomorrow and assert yourself with the now. 

Available for an investment of:

£120 per month


£300 for 3 months

To book an appointment or make further enquiries ​

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